Richard Chivers @sharpenyourspades5 months ago ·  Cardiff

Sorrowful. The end of summer. These are the remains of the sunflowers on my neighbours allotment. I was hugely jealous of the sunflowers. Tall. Big heads. I grew some wonderful multiheaded ones called solar power in our garden. They were stunning. But the giants I had hoped for were cut off in their prime by either storm or beast. I need more sunflowers next year. Big ones. Yellow ones and certainly ones in reds and browns. . . . . . #sunflowers #allotment #growyourown #flowerpower #kitchengarden #autumnvibes


  • growyourplot5 months ago

    I need to actually grow sunflowers again next year! Work out a way of stopping the mice from beating me to it! They are gorgeous 😥

  • bossmichelle7045 months ago

    I also mourn the end of the sunflowers. My chickens however think its the best time ever.i leave some uncovered for the wild birds to enjoy, the rest I cover with paper bags and feed them to the girls as they dry out

  • saralimback5 months ago

    You’ve so caught the flower bug!! So looking forward to seeing what you get up to next season😉🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • months ago

    Some of our plot neighbours had stunning sunflowers too. They really are joyous flowers. We're at the top of the site and a bit windy for giants but I'm planning to try some in front of the shed 😊

  • wings.n.stings.gardener5 months ago

    Do you do perennials in the UK or basically bulbs & seed? Who doesn't love a cheerful sunflower ... even vermin! LOL

  • alexkatehare5 months ago

    Really enjoying the feel of your photography and writing at the moment - super evocative of the time of year, and you’re keeping me hooked! Thank you 😊

  • thechattygardener5 months ago

    I grew lots of sunflowers this year - always one of my favourites. They went in with the sweetcorn and squash.