#worldpastaday #ad #pastaworldchampionship @barilla Today @davideoldani gave a speech and he talked about how there’s a difference between the pace at which we consume social media and that of thoughtful work that delivers but never loses its focus on both the goal and the road to get there. Every time I fret about my work, I remember that it’s actually pretty simple. There’s love, there’s lots of hard work, there is a tiny bit of luck, and that’s it. Pasta is the same: it is a college student’s midnight meal as much as it is your grandma’s lasagna that she spent hours preparing. I’m not saying that pasta is entirely the face of Italy, but it certainly reflects most of its expressions. —— Thanks ro @ch_ecco @lammaigal @peppecant who helped make this shot happen ❤️ . . #thatsdarling #plated #pastaworldchampionship #italianfood #italy #igersitaly #igersitalia #thisisitaly #pasta #foodphotography #foodstyling #vegetarian #healthyfood #f52grams #lifeandthyme #beautifulcuisines #naturalliving #stillswithstories


  • adhyayan_sahay6 months ago

    This is just so beautiful and delicious. 😋😋

  • papillamonella6 months ago

    Hai proprio ragione....come sempre. E come sempre i tuoi scatti incantano 💗

  • diadonna6 months ago

    So much inspiration! ❤️

  • brahmino6 months ago

    Bellissima Valentina.

  • alessiogianni6 months ago

    Fantastica foto. Grazie per il tuo contributo!

  • oysterfeesh6 months ago

    Grandma’s hands 🥀. I love your choices. 👌🏽

  • galsonkucharz1 month ago

    It's my plate 🔥❤️😉 great to look and taste great 😙