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#leeyoori offered lead role for upcoming #mbcdrama #springorspring On February 23, MBC said, " #leeyoori is discussing the appearance of 'Spring or Spring' in the News of the Exposition". Lee Yoo Ri proposed role seems to be the daughter of a rich family who has a great appearance and cultivation, but unlike the appearance, she is an announcer. 'Spring Onna Spring' is a new life by JS Pictures, which is a life-like fantasy drama that changes the physical body and produces JTBC #theladyindignity and TVN #avengersocialclub . MBC new drama drama #redmoonbluesun is scheduled to be broadcast in January next year. Cr: http://m.xportsnews.com/jenter/?ac=article_view&entry_id=1033378&_REFERER=http%3A%2F%2Fm.xportsnews.com%2F%3Fac%3Darticle_list%26theme_cate_id%3D%26cate_indexno%3D178%26cate_id1%3D%26cate_id2%3D%26cate_indexno%3D178%26page%3D4 #_enliple


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