What happened is that I wrote a blog post. An actual one with photos and text. Because I was thinking about seasons, and about how I really, really should have published something with pumpkin in it - being it almost halloween and fall and so on. But I kept feeling like something else. But then a friend came along and he got me these recipe cards from the Edinburgh botanical garden, and the recipes were all but October-like, and I saw these lemon rosemary cookies and immediately fell in love. Because it’s so warm here that my rosemary is full of tiny purple flowers, and there are all kinds of citrus coming from southern Italy - the first tangerines and clementines and bergamots and gnarly lemons that are mostly skin. So I wrote about this. And it felt kinda good. Check the link in the stories to read about these incredible cookies, about some projects that are about to start, and so on. Also: I’ll be in Milan tomorrow at the #pastaworldchampionship ! There will obviously be pasta. Lots of it. . . #thatsdarling #cookies #lemoncookies #baking #naturalliving #onthetable #f52grams #foodphotography #stillswithstories #ilmioritmolento #rincorrerelabellezza #biscotti #sabatinifood


  • papillamonella5 months ago

    😍😍😍😍 Buon arrivo a Milano cara

  • hjgroom5 months ago

    👏👏😁 loved your post.

  • budiljubav5 months ago

    i would love to see what you have to offer beside dark food photography & recipes. ☺️ looking forward to your future projects & happy to hear that you're connecting with yourself, again. some flowers bloom covered with snow (usually, we just don't see them). bloom!

  • evakosmasflores5 months ago

    Awwww so beautiful!!! And I will be there too with @barillaus! We should meet up if it's not too crazy! ❤️

  • kitkatmel5 months ago

    Ohhhh thank you!!! 🙏🏼💕