• sofiexplores4 months ago

    Thanks! It’s so yummy. I love it ❤️

  • babyt_fashiondiaries4 months ago

    Well this photo is just gorgeous. I havent tried a PSL ever 🤦‍♀️

  • annpaige_blog4 months ago

    Call me basic, but PSL’s are my fav!!!😍 @starbucks definitely makes them the best also!

  • victoria.simpson4 months ago

    Yes, love PSL’s everywhere!! 🙌Starbucks is great, and same with Timmies; but the PSL from Second Cup is my fav!!

  • laimounasmemoirs4 months ago

    The best 😍🔥 so is caramel brulè in christmas!😋

  • yghome4 months ago

    Great picture! Would you check out my culinary profile?🙂

  • micheletkalecxo4 months ago

    By far one of my favourite drinks especially at this time of year 🧡🎃

  • thestylezar4 months ago

    I did a long time ago! More into chai lattes and vanilla!

  • ecyyz4 months ago

    So pretty