Aubrey Whitfield @aubreywhitfield4 months ago ·  10 Downing Street

HOW I BECAME A FULL TIME MUSIC PRODUCER (the short version!) For 10 years I had a very different career working for the British Government. I had a range of roles from advising the British Prime Minister on international threats, being a Private Secretary to home Office (interior) Ministers, leading identity security policy and....designing alcohol pricing policies. It was a well paid and highly respected career that saw me travel the world, work with the U.K. Prime Minister and bring in a good amount of money each month. But I wanted to, and always wanted to, be successful in music. Throughout these 10 years, I saved my money and bought a new piece of studio equipment each month. I worked every evening and weekend producing clients and learning my craft. I didn’t have holidays. All my money went on studio equipment and instruments. Until one day I had a fully operational home studio and enough clients to leave my civil service career. I have now been a full-time producer for a year with my own commercial studio and, on average, I earn double my Civil Service salary. The moral of my story? Success is not an overnight thing, particularly in the music industry. If you want it bad enough though and you are willing to put in the hours and invest in yourself, then anything is possible. Leaving my 10 year career was the hardest, but best, decision of my life. I am now successful and living the dream I have worked so bloody hard for. Take risks and always dream big. Remember that anything is possible. #femaleproducer #femaleproducers #femalemusicproducer #protools #musicproducer #audioengineer #recordingengineer #girlpower #musicindustry #beatmaker #musicproduction #mixing #mixengineer #recordingstudio #studiolife #studio #producergrind #producerlife #womeninmusic #civilservice #10downingstreet #downingstreet #careerchange #ambition #successfulwomen


  • safekraker784 months ago

    Great Story. You are a Rare human.. keep pushing UP🐬👍💦

  • robert_nicholasiii4 months ago

    Hi Aubrey, thanks so much for the inspirational life story. Sometimes I feel like giving up on my dream of evening a full time producer because I myself have a civil servant job with a bachelor's in Electrical Engineering plus I'm married! You gave me free inspiration. 🇹🇹

  • mezstyle4 months ago

    Amazing! Very cool! You inspired me today 😎👌🏼

  • conorpdalton4 months ago

    That’s an amazing story 🙂🙌🏻 Congrats on your hard-earned success!

  • gabykaos2 months ago

    You truly inspire me! 💪🏼