NYC Wedding photographer @lapkovsky4 months ago ·  New York, New York

No words can describe how happy I am! I got my 5th Fearless Award! This is one of the most prestigious international contests among wedding photographers. . I’m so honored that not only the judges selected this photo, but it was awarded by the whole community in a special vote🖤


  • elendelmar4 months ago

    Очень красиво, стильно и воздушно

  • mariana_shafro4 months ago

    Как же красиво, обожаю креатив !😍🙏🏻

  • alenastas7774 months ago

    Настоящий мастер👌 поздравляю!

  • fotoclipes4 months ago

    Congratulations with Fearless Award 🔥

  • golyak.yuriy4 months ago

    А я все жму деньги на участие :(

  • itrifonovv4 months ago

    Все теперь я обязан сделать что-то похожее! Просто 🔥🔥🔥

  • smjphoto4 months ago

    This lighting is stunning!

  • tatsianaz4 months ago

    Наши поздравления!!!💐 очень рады твоим успехам!👪

  • amarosmedia4 months ago

    Your black and whites are so amazing! I find it so hard to work with black and white.

  • olifaan74 months ago

    Such a beautiful pic! So romantic and magical 😍❤⠀Just LOVE your feed! Have a beautiful day 😚