Every year in the U.S., 30 million K-12 kids are served 5 billion lunches, but today school lunch menus are packed with unhealthy meat and dairy-heavy meals. You can take action! Download this School Lunch Toolkit for a step-by-step guide to get plant-based, climate-friendly food on kids’ plates. Link to download: https://bit.ly/2Emt8yX or click the link in our bio. . . . #omd4theplanet #ClimateFriendlyFood #schoolfood #NationalSchoolLunchWeek


  • living_artful4 months ago

    👌 keep spreading the good information💚

  • dr.annie.purcell4 months ago

    Can we start with removing the hot dogs?!? 🌭 Seriously!!! 🤯

  • loveisamason4 months ago

    I’m looking to change the menu at my sons school. I submitting a proposal next month, thank you for this!! Any other resources?

  • konstantinelser4 months ago

    👍👨‍🍳 Awesome idea with the toolkit! You have to explain the chefs how nice and easy it is to cook plant based food! Great idea!

  • sarazeppelinsixx4 months ago

    Yessss HERE in CANADA N WORLDWIDE we NEED THIS we moved into a new school n i told principale we r vegan she said "but didnt u use to eat meat at the other school i said we havent for a year before we move to this town this school (she was principale at our old school she moved to eh wierd) anyways i hated her reply to me then i get papers asking if my son will do pizza day i asked is thers vegan pizza NO school said i said cant we get vegan pizza why cant u switch to pizza pizza or pizza nove there should b options OK FINE i said i will MAKE MY OWN then i get paper for milk day i throw it out then i get a paper if my son will participate on free hotdog day i get upset send a not tp office teacher saying "will pick him up lunch time he wont participate in the suffering torture eating of innocent animals" HOTDOGS ARE HORRIBLE theres incredible VEGAN CARROT HOTDOGS CARROTS MARINATED FOR A DAY OR 2 IN ADVANCED SO DELICIOUS N WAY HEALTHIER wtf dont they do that for the kids So now im homeschooling for now till i figure school... SCHOOLS NEED TO CHANGE BIG TIME!! #publicschool #catholicschool #schools #schoolbords #education #ig #educateyourself #educateyourkids #endthetorture #endsuffering #respectallanimals