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#NewZealand #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan warns of #Guns in America: "America, you are blinded, and that is why we must talk about The TIME and What MUST Be DONE! America will NEVER have enough guns, weapons of war to satiate her bloodlust. The killing of those children( #SandyHook) should tell you guns are not the way to peace; guns are NOT the way to real #freedom and #justice! The guns in America are DESTROYING our peace and we have become the No. 1 arms merchant to the world! We have more #money spent on making weapons of war than the next three, four or five nations combined! We are not spending money on #Education and The Cultivation of The People like we are spending for weapons of war—yet, in this fiscal cliff, we don’t want to touch the money that we spend for weapons of war? Don’t you have enough? Haven’t you said that the amount of atomic weapons that you have, you could “kill everyone on this planet several times over” —isn’t that ENOUGH? And WHEN will enough BE ENOUGH? So in America, there are 29 states that are now suffering drought. FAMINE is COMING; and you are being beaten with hail and rain, and snow, and #fire, and #tornadoes, and #hurricanes. God uses The Forces of Nature as His arms, and He said He will use ALL that He HAS against you! Can’t you see what is happening to America? One-third of the American people say they believe that the change in the weather is fulfilling Biblical prophecy of end times." #Farrakhan : The Time and What Must be Done part 2 #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #ChristChurch #Gisborne #Harare