Megan Hine @megan_hine9 months ago · 

What does the term ‘SURVIVAL’ mean to you? 🔥 Survival is not just about wilderness scenarios but could be everyday events or anything. I’d love to know how you define it #survival


  • philturpin9 months ago

    It's about getting up every, single, day & making it to the end of every, single, day without giving up. #depression

  • pascalmigai9 months ago

    survival for some, it just happens to eat every day 🤨

  • generousdandelion9 months ago

    Survival is getting through however and can be tough mentally and physically. Thriving is a better place for me and means I have a bit more capacity to respond rather than just react. but sometimes you just got to knuckle down and somehow get through whatever’s being thrown at you.

  • northwesternknives9 months ago

    Survival begins in understanding the survival situation you are in, in such a way having a positive mindset making a difficult sometimes bad situation good or better, in order to survive drawing upon your knowledge to get you through, working towards an end goal using a positive attitude results in surviving your situation 🙌🏻 #positivemindset

  • beckbushido9 months ago

    Keeping a big picture perspective at all times no matter what.

  • claire_kelly_449 months ago

    Keeping my kids happy and healthy and still in one piece week to week😂😂 # always one having an accident!!

  • 3dogstowalk9 months ago

    Coexisting with the environment animals and people you are with

  • mccallumblades9 months ago

    Working damb hard at whatever situation you are in

  • jesse.the.bear9 months ago

    Survival is when somethong went wrong and safety plan failed. its a s**t gets real situtation. lts when fun ends and you weight the enegy spent vs. reward gained type of things just to get by. Its the moments when someone may die because of bad choises.

  • baersqueaky9 months ago

    Survival in everydays life means to deal with the unexpected challenges and hardship life throws at you; failure, health problems,losses , troubles at work,stressful's more a mental"survival",to stay brave and positive. Basic Elements like Food,water,etc isn't the Problem.

  • fionaloulou9 months ago

    Survival for me means getting through a day of washing, cooking, cleaning, taxi for kids to football athletics swimming. Ironing homework, getting bags ready for school and squeezing work in between. And staying sane🤪. Your posts and photos are my little escapism! Thank you. Xx

  • karljdehnert9 months ago

    For me its about keeping my core values and dreams pure from the the negativity of today's society...

  • susanz.vausa9 months ago

    Survival to me is getting through each day without compromising one's integrity, physically, mentally, and spiritually

  • timmerwolf9 months ago

    Getting thru dinner with the In Laws without making a sarcastic comment...😉👍

  • king_baillie9 months ago

    Repelling 50 metres and then finding your way out of there! :)

  • marisk8s8 months ago

    Your like the original Laura Croft from Tomb Raider!