Legends my passion is to edit videos for our YouTube channels. I love it more than anything. But to know that you legends are out there watching our YouTube videos and saying kind stuff and supporting us makes me feel like my passion is filling my heart and it’s what I was meant to in my life forever! Thank you #legends for being kind to me and my edits for being on our team and supporting us. And to the #legends who we got to meet at this meet and greet and waited in a line just to see us- thanks soooooo much for coming it means so much to us you have no idea.💙 Sockie @westfieldtuggerah (and to westfield thanks so much for looking after us and letting us come!) ps this isn’t my edit this is Westfield.


  • lillilove7716 days ago

    Omg i want to go to austraila just to see you

  • lillilove7716 days ago

    But i live un england city liverpool

  • meeeny2515 days ago

    Wish I could go there😭❤️

  • rim.girl_power14 days ago

    Can you felow me plz my nAme on instergram is rim.girlpower

  • gwen.hudson.114 days ago

    I read that hole thing sickie you are so inspirational and special you work so hard on your videos and deserve everything you have you are the most amazing you tubers and have so many loyal #legends 👍😘

  • gwen.hudson.114 days ago

    And I love you guys even more because you are home schooled so don’t be ashamed of who you are because remember legends don’t judge xoxox

  • ra.nia559813 days ago

    I wish I could meet you 😍😢😢😍😢😢😍🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • kaffren12 days ago


  • d3soo8a10 days ago

    ❤️ I really love you sockie and wish that you could come to uae-dubai😥love you sockie❤I feel I am going to cry while writing this message for you❤

  • lindaeru7 days ago


  • byrne_summor2 days ago

    Just to say I was there and your my favorite YouTubers in the world and your one of the only YouTubers I can watch everyday when you upload a video and I pops up on my screen I watch all of it I love you guys so much love summor 💓💓💓