JellifishPirate @jellifishpirate5 months ago ·  Brampton, Ontario

Recently I had the absolute worst #skipthedishes experience. Earlier in the week, at 7:14pm I placed an order. After about an hour of waiting and not seeing any progress on the app, I messaged customer service in the app. Not only was there over 150+ waiting in that queue, I was had to contact them 3 separate times! Once I was told it’s because my city is too busy. (Brampton) Another time I was told I would get some skip credits (then the chat was disconnected before I could inquire further) on the third attempt they were able to “expedite” my order. It arrived at about 10pm. Oh and shortly after 9:30pm the order was “marked as delivered” - well before it arrived. Now I got an email telling me I’m being compensated by $7.00 in #skipcredits My wife went to bed hungry because of how late the food arrived. I’ve never been so annoyed or frustrated when ordering food before from anywhere. You can keep the $7.00 in credits. I’m moving my business elsewhere.