Pit Viper @pit_viper8 months ago ·  LET'S GET CAKED

IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY, NOW SEND US SHIT. Best present received by October 15th wins a pair of Pit Vipers (office suggestions: money, feces, live animals, poisonous insects and anthrax). _________ Pit Viper PO Box 26428 Salt Lake City, Utah 84126


  • bcole1038 months ago

    It’s my bday too. Can I get a pair of pit vipers?

  • powerdbysam8 months ago

    Someone send them the caddie snowcat

  • drews_698 months ago

    OHHHHHHH fuck boys watch out

  • fngarcia938 months ago

    I didn't get shit on my birthday

  • oldsouthprintco8 months ago

    We’re going to send you some very shitty tees

  • willsniper_288 months ago

    The best present is a pair of pit vipers

  • oodiegoo8 months ago

    Cant send a snowcat limozine, FedEx returned to to sender

  • hcsports258 months ago

    We supply all your snowboarding, skiing, and tennis needs!! 🏂 🎿 🎾

  • rajordan38 months ago

    Old school Paul Pierce Celtics jersey?

  • politeposse8 months ago

    We’re going to send you something very polite 🤔🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  • ladder348 months ago

    Sent - it’s long, black and dual purpose. You decide the second. Cheers 🚒🇺🇸