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Three weeks down in the #SeptemberWhole30. That's a big accomplishment! Drop a ✅ if you're still with us. And today we want to know: as you look back over the past 3 weeks, what's something about your experience that you're proud of?⠀ —⠀ We're coming into the home stretch and we're with you every step of the way! Find all our resources at wholemamasclub.com.⠀ —⠀ #wholemamas #whole30mama #pregnantwhole30 #breastfeedingwhole30 #familywhole30


  • katiewilk028 months ago

    ✅ I’ve learned that I can resist cravings, that before I started Whole 30, I always allowed myself to give into... no matter how unhealthy! 🙌🏼🤰🏻💪🏼

  • atothezamore8 months ago

    ✔️ NSV - my rings aren’t as tight

  • kerioddie8 months ago

    @wholemamasclub do you guys start over again on October 1st with another month of daily supportive posts?

  • rachelsmith12088 months ago

    ✅ This is my third round and my husbands first. I am so incredibly proud of him!! He was a Dr Pepper and Monster addict; 21 days without either is a huge accomplishment. Love you babe! @martinwade38

  • mariannaheacock8 months ago

    ✅for week2! I'm one week behind due to vacation. Great job, everyone!!

  • teewheeeeezy8 months ago

    ✅ I can't believe I've made it this far, and yet it hasn't been that hard.

  • mariatzzz8 months ago

    ✅ I continue too!! I am very proud because I resisted to 🥖 my husband was eating😎 and 🍪 that my daughter was eating! But I still miss bread.. what can I do for that so as not to eat it after whole 30? I think it is harmful to me

  • miss_danielle868 months ago

    So far have made it through TWO rounds of hand foot and mouth in my house. That means both of my kids had it twice, I had it once and my husband had it.... and NO sleep, plus working.... very proud to have weathered the storm and stayed on track.

  • thejenhoff8 months ago

    ✅ I’ve attempted a whole30 a few times in the last but never have I made it this far! Ready to finish strong 💪🏼

  • leslie_mcgraw8 months ago

    ✅!! We made it through a camping trip with our friends and all of our kids! Whew!!

  • true_to_tania8 months ago

    ✅ I really enjoy feeling this way...in fact its critical I continue to feel this way for the rest of my life