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Learning to Live - one of the side effects of living with MS is severe fatigue from heat, but in the same sentence we are told to make sure that Gracie is staying physically active to help keep MS symptoms at bay. So we were pretty excited about the solution we came up with...Ice Skating lessons with her friends! Not only is she getting in some physical activity, she is spending time with her friends and learning a new skill. The ice skating rink also provides a fun place to meet up with large groups of friends on the weekends! We are still looking for more creative and fun ways to incorporate physical activity, but for now we are pretty happy to have found this and as an added bonus, the holiday ice skating tradition will be much easier for her this year! #kidsgetMStoo #nmss #ms #multiplesclerosis #MadeStrong #nationalMSsociety #cureMS #MSsucks


  • kammoz8 months ago

    And it’s not 103 degrees in there. Looks like a great idea!