• inafahl11 days ago

    I know you and I‘m from Germany! 😊

  • lorizabler10 days ago

    @rxpx77 Probably negotiated the visit when ending the Chew was announced as she had a new book to promote. Carla was the best part of the show.

  • ablabenham10 days ago

    Yeah Ellen number one in the world

  • annmann12169 days ago

    Michael and Sarah have an interesting show. High energy.

  • tpns7 days ago


  • hagriddavis7 days ago

    Bring back the chew. Michael shame on you for even thinking you would kneel. Whatever your thoughts respect our flag and what it stands for. You would not be in the position you are in if it weren’t for the many that give for our freedoms. Please bring back the Chew.

  • misslo19903 days ago

    Yeees you are one of the biggest stars in the world 😻 without a doubt !.