Josh Packer @packtography7 months ago ·  Grand Teton National Park

Ever had the 💩 scared out of you? ================================= As I sat here and enjoyed this early, early morning view of the Tetons, I heard large tree branches breaking nearby. It scared the crap out of me. Then something was swimming right next to me and freaked me out. Turned out to be a beaver lol. ___ Then this shooting star appeared right after I clicked the shutter on this shot. 🌠 ____ RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME...🙃 ____ Who else have ever had the 💩 scared out of them? ___ @nikonusa D750 @mefototripods Leather Roadtrip ___


  • tom__morgan7 months ago

    yup. At work for sure and hiking alone in Yosemite at in Tenaya Canyon. Mountain Lions at night will keep your heart rate up

  • holger.go7 months ago

    Awesome shot! Well every time I start the walk in the morning to the location is a hard struggle to overcome my fears. In Morocco I thought the half night I could walk on a snake and in Indonesia I was afraid wild monkeys could jump out of the jungle and attack me 😂😂😂

  • reyhanpost7 months ago

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  • idaho_explorer7 months ago

    Haha oh man I get scared all the time shooting stars lol.

  • art_of_adventures7 months ago

    I've had the poop scared out of me in that same place. Tried to shoot stars over the Tetons during rutting season in the fall at Shwabacher, and the moose were SCREAMIN'. And lots of crunching in the bushes. No wonder people don't do night photography there 😂

  • covinad7 months ago

    You were swimming when you took this photo??

  • gulibala27 months ago

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  • benfurkanbaygar7 months ago

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