Ryan Sipes @r_sipes5 months ago · 

My focus for the next month...MXoN! Can’t wait to live a dream and race the best guys in the world. I am a little past my prime but still gonna be awesome to do! Especially on this team with these legends. We are hoping to raise a ton of money to help out the people in Puerto Rico. If you want to help out, go buy a shirt at teampuertorico2018.com. Or go on Facebook to Global Disaster Outreach and make a donation, which is 100% tax deductible! Also thanks Walt Hackensmith for the killer cartoon! #MXoN #TeamPuertoRico #teamoldguys @travispastrana @kevin_windham @therickyjohnson


  • cdub2is5 months ago

    You got this buddy !!👊

  • davidbaileymx5 months ago

    I think back to a school at Podium 1 when you on a 250cc and some other random kid on an 80cc demonstrated the first turn for me and I was like.. 🤔 what’s your name? Man ... real stoked and proud of you! And grateful 😉👊🏼

  • georgi_stan_8885 months ago

    Perhaps this would be the most interesting motocross of the nations I will look at. Good luck guys.💪💪💪

  • jjohnson4805 months ago

    Good luck! Are you going to be on a 125 or you going to break out the 250f???

  • jonpauldore5 months ago

    What. Past your prime. Nonsense. It’s all a state of mind. Besides you rip. So don’t stop.

  • motool_inc5 months ago

    So rad, need to grab one of these🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • darkmean655 months ago

    This will be the MXDN to remember forever,as for old hell Im 53 and still love it,you still have a lot of youth on your side,can’t wait to be there,you should get a bunch of guys together and walk the campgrounds at night to say hey 👋

  • nickluciano1295 months ago

    How are the funds going to be distributed?

  • graymx4425 months ago

    @r_sipes that cartoon needs to be on a shirt!!! And I’ll take ✌️ go team Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 💪

  • lips3955 months ago

    @r_sipes is this picture you posted available as a t shirt I looked on the online shop but it’s not listed I’d love to buy one thanks mate