Full moon medicine ✨🌼🍯🌕✨ This is Slat Óir (goldenrod/many names), which was collectively made into medicine with a badass crew of folks as part of a dreamy plant medicine event I was invited to co-facilitate✨ . . . Most goldenrod species are native to Turtle Island, with a few being native to Ireland + Europe. There's many ways to work with this plant + based in my experience I call on them them mainly for their astringency (drying to tissue), anti-inflammatory + antimicrobial actions. Goldenrod is great as tea, tincture, honey or vinegar extract to dry up all sorts of "runny face stuff" like watery eyes, runny noses + coughing up liquidy mucus from allergies, colds + the flu. A strong cup/moderate dose of extract usually does the trick + quicker than you'd expect! Keep drinking daily until symptoms have passed ✨ . . . I commonly work with Goldenrod in treating UTI's, along with stronger antimicrobials + soothing demulcent herbs to ease irritation. 3 strong cups of tea daily until all symptoms have passed can often do the trick. Chronic UTI's usually call for longer term diet changes as well. . . . The medicine in these pics was collectively harvested + made while tasting + smelling the leaves + flowers to determine their potency, while speaking of how they feel to us intuitively, while speaking of the physically medicinal qualities, while speaking of the process + recipe for creating this medicine. We bathed the flowers in honey + apple cider vinegar, capped + labelled our jars in some of the languages of our ancestors which you know just fills my heart with happiness. Bearing witness to the entire day filled my heart with hope ✨ . . . As a settler herbalist on these lands who is learning how to reduce the harms I cause + how to walk in a good way, I'm both humbled + grateful to my pals at @sacred_seeds_collective for generously inviting me to share abt plant knowledges at this 2Spirit + Indigenous focused gathering - go raibh míle maith agat. Everyone in attendance had so much beauty + wisdom to share, my spirit is feeling full of goodness 💛 . . Happy full moon bbs, hope these dreamy Pisces moon vibes are feeding ya with at least wee bit of beauty🌊🌕✨


  • textbook_leo9 months ago

    Thank you for taking the time to share this knowledge with us!

  • doublepeace9 months ago

    This is one of my most favorite plants! Thank you for sharing!

  • bigfatfemme9 months ago

    Oooo I have some growing in my yard, for the bees. Never thought to dry it for tea! Thanks for sharing 🧡