Tasha Duncan @tinyy_tashaa6 months ago ·  Shoreline Park

*LONG POST WARNING* The story behind this photo: As of last night, we made a plan for today. We executed about 10% of the plan before it was disrupted. Some plan, eh? When I say "we don't get out much", I mean we would have no idea the operating hours of an establishment on an early Sunday morning without looking it up. I.e. Despite our plan, we had about 2.5 hours to kill vs. going back home for a fairly brief amount of time. Without getting bent out of shape about our change in plans, we chose the former; and it resulted in the most unexpected dolphin viewing from a local pier under a warm, steady rain. I say all this to reiterate @melanie_katrine's words: "Live a life you would want to live over again + again + again, if you had the chance." And nothing else. As far as we know, we only get one of these. Our lives are the only lives we get any say over; so "get out from your house, your cave, from your car, from the place you feel safe, from the place you are. Get out and go running, go funning, go wild, get out from your head and get growing. We were not born to just pay bills and die. Take a leap." ✍🏼: @elephantjournal #ShorelinePark #EnglishNavyCove #GulfBreeze #Florida #LoveFL #Wanderfl #LetsKeepItWild #LiveTheLittleThings #NurtureOurNature #SeasTheDay #VitaminSea #QOTD #Dolphins #Grateful #Thankful #SundayFunday #VeniVidiAmavi #TrailOfTrevAndTash #LifeOrBust2018


  • breananicole196 months ago

    Thought about you this past weekend! We were just at Orange Beach/Pensacola and thought “Hey I think Tash isn’t too far from here, lucky her!” 😊 hope you’re doing well girl!