Ashley Bourne @ashleymbourne6 months ago ·  Lincoln, Nebraska

She’s my mini me 💕 — Ayla and I got up and put our workout clothes on this morning for “the big sweat”! We don’t normally workout on the weekends (thank you 4 day program 🙏🏼) but today was a special case! It’s 8-18-18 so they were doing a big contest/giveaway so of course we had to enter! 💪🏼(Check out my stories to see the fun!) — Normally our Saturday’s start with a little extra sleep, followed by coffee and lots of snuggles. We are still doing all that but snuck a workout in there today as well! 😜💪🏼 — After going out last night for @nikkitegtmeier Bday I definitely needed that extra sleep! I feel like a grandma you guys! So out of shape- partying shape that is! 😂 but it was fun and good for mama to get out with the girls for a bit! But this morning I was moving a little slower (and I didn’t even drink! WTH?!) #newmomlife 🤣 But even though I didn’t plan on working out, I’m glad I did because it helped kick my non-hangover hangover 🙄🤣😜 — Do you like working out on the weekends or would you rather not? want to learn more about my 4 day program so you don’t have to?! Message me! Starting a new round Monday! Still time to jump in! . . #thebigsweat #minime #saturdaysweat #sweatysaturday #weekendworkout #sleepinsaturday #sahm #postpartumweightloss #sahmlife #postpartumjourney #newmommy #newmomlife #girlmom


  • khris9106 months ago

    Hey watch it misses this Grandma can't out last most of you in you 20 and 30s!!!

  • fitdirectory6 months ago

    Sweat is our currency! 😅 💦 💪 Love your posts. Keep them coming! 👍 👊 ×

  • mirabalmat5 months ago

    Always nice photos here. Well done