Jackie H • Food & Travel @tablejustforone6 months ago ·  Antelope Island State Park

• FRARY PEAK TRAIL ⛰ • . Sorry for being MIA with the posts! I’ve been without reception 😅 Here are a few snapshots I got yesterday from hiking the Frary Peak Trail, which brings you to the highest point in Antelope Island State Park. With a 2084ft elevation gain, this tough trail leads you to a rewarding panoramic view of the namesake of Salt Lake City. Absolutely gorgeous at the top, even with the crazy smoke from all the wild fires. You definitely need good hiking boots for this one—lots of rocks where you can slip around and twist an ankle so be careful! Also, for the love of pizza, do not try to hike this past 8am. I started at 730am and already felt like DYING when I finished the trail around 11. This trail is completely out in the open, so unless you’re actively trying to die of heatstroke, don’t start this one late.