Sam Gaynor @samgaynor286 months ago · 

This is a post I really wish I didn’t have to post. Yesterday I had a practice crash fracturing my scapula (shoulder blade) therefore I will be unable to race @waltonraceway this upcoming week. I will be there to support my @motoparkracing team!! Good luck to everyone this week!! Thank you to @fxrmoto for the fresh jerseys. Pro day isn’t cancelled, just delayed!!!


  • jefflittle076 months ago

    Sammer, I have been following you and super excited how well you have been doing. So sorry to hear you are on the lam for a bit

  • canadianmotoshow6 months ago

    Sorry to see buddy! Heal up and as you look forward to getting back in the saddle, know that many have noticed your success and most professional approach to all things MOTO! #LifeIsGold - BW 👍

  • andreagaynor2286 months ago

    My poor boy - I hate to see you hurt - but I remain supportive and proud of your efforts and successes and positive attitude - this is just a bump in the road - I will always cheer you on as you pursue your dreams !!

  • svdsparkle6 months ago

    Goodness Sam please take care of yourself - you’ll be back at it in no time

  • _tannerward6 months ago

    Heal up quick big dawg don’t let this bring you down 🤟🏼

  • alexdibiagio6 months ago

    Sorry to hear kid ❤️ heal up quick 🙏🏽

  • liam.galton6 months ago

    quick recovery kid, this won’t slow ya down ❤️👊