• ollie_chadwick17049 days ago

    @kylecaley97 also when you originally said that Salah made manes goals, he got 13 goals in the season before Salah came, then 11 when he came

  • ollie_chadwick17049 days ago

    @kylecaley97 in conclusion depay scored 2 in a season where mane scored 11, mane is better than depay and the stats from the premier league. You can Google and compare their stats and you will see Mane's are more impressive in the premier league (best league in the world)

  • cascarroll69 days ago

    Thanks god chelsea stole him and we got Lukaku instead

  • esfclarke8 days ago

    @callumclancyofficial I would agree with you on that, I am thinking sarri will use him this season and hopefully improve his ability on and off the ball but we will see what happens

  • _imdad.a2 days ago

    @dannybaig imagine they posted sanchez's stats the way they do to non utd players 😂