Deepa Paul @storiesbydeepa7 months ago ·  The Hoxton, Amsterdam

Step aside, millennials, because today’s #throwbackthursday is all about the rotary dial telephone. #anotherlongasscaption Oh, the anticipation of waiting until the number you dialed fell all the way back so you could dial the next one. Or having to wait hours until you got home, so you could find out if that guy you liked had finally called... and the (delayed) dizzy joy or crushing disappointment if he didn’t or didn’t. Or the indignity of having to share one phone with your siblings, who could sneakily pick up the phone somewhere else in the house and listen in on your most secret (usually lovesick) conversations. Or having to pull the phone as far as it would go, snaking the cord under a closet or bathroom door, for blessed privacy. A phone that wasn’t just yours and that you couldn’t take anywhere with you! Imagine that? Fellow dinosaurs, you remember these phones? If you do, share your favorite rotary dial phone memory in the comments! #tbt #notformillenials #iwokeuplikethis #amsterdam


  • jan.arsenovic7 months ago

    Yaaaas! I once had a nightmare about a test at school and I sleepwalked and started dialing a friend to ask him about it. 😶 I also had a cat who slept on the phone and over time figured out how to lift the receiver so it doesn't ring to wake her up. As a result, nobody could ever come through to us. The phone used to hang on a small shelf in the hallway where there wasn't anything to sit on, so you either had to be really brief or, after a long talk, you'd have to go and lie down to get some rest. Later I've conveniently moved into the room right next to the phone. I also figured out that some copper wire, scissors, and duct tape, are all you need to extend the cord. I went overboard and made a ten meter cord and I could finally walk around freely while on the phone. Technology!

  • clacam7 months ago

    Yep. Was a nightmare 😂😂😂

  • debby_heilker7 months ago

    Been there. Done that. 😂 Especially remember those nights you agreed to go out with a friend and were waiting on the corner of the street (with bicycles, cause this is Holland) not sure when she would finally show up. If she would show up. And only way to check would be to drive back home to call... Or those times you would call and 'the dad' would pick up the phone 🙈 Or those times your parents would tell you that you just saw each other at school and why would you have to call again.

  • cristeta_a7 months ago

    Or saying, “hello, party line? Pakibaba po” 🤣

  • iambiancarafael7 months ago

    I once saw a millenial who did not know how it works.

  • a_n0uk_7 months ago

    A beauty! 🙌🏼✨

  • rufus_airlines7 months ago

    Lovely photo dear !!! ♥️Are you talking to me ? 😀😀😀

  • museumwanderlove7 months ago

    Deeeps, I Still have one bakelite wall telephone. My parents had an orange one hahaha and it was locked. A small lock in one of the holes so you couldnt dial. But my parents didnt know you could disl the numbers by tapping the holderd where the phone rested on :)

  • quellochevedoio7 months ago

    Ohhh yes i do!!!! Shared the phone with my brother!!! A nightmare...he was always listening to my private conv. But i really do miss it!!! 🤩

  • loud.ness6 months ago

    Love your pictures 😱❤️