• rufus_airlines7 months ago

    Honey ! I have to be back very soon .. i thing 🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • la_ila_gi7 months ago

    I moved to Westerpark!!! 😎

  • clacam7 months ago

    Hot stuff. BONI DI DIOOOOOO

  • briandelro7 months ago

    Love seeing this side of Amsterdam. More than just the canals. 😛

  • nowwhatstheplan7 months ago

    We didn't. We checked in to a hotel. Di kinaya ng powers ko!

  • senns_less7 months ago

    I took the @noordzuidlijn, watched a movie @pathe de Munt (AircoGalore) and missed a few metro’s , @ the Vijzelgracht (AircoGalore)... it was too coooool there.

  • kokorosworld7 months ago

    I swear i have never seen so many people all around my secret spots

  • matt_vs7 months ago

    I'm happy my rain dance worked 🕺🏻haha. Nice shot!