Ryan Hernandez @flyerguy737 months ago ·  House of Hernandezzzss

8am Breakfast... 9:30-11:30 QB camp to start getting ready for upcoming season. 12-1:30 Lunch with big sis and her friend. 2-4 Helping out @gwsurf at the @pearlandbmx Novice clinic for beginner riders 4-5 Head to office with dad to meet a client real quick 5:30-8 Back to track for a little fun and racing. Just a day in the life of this kid. Sitting down is not our strong suit!! Rest day tomorrow. Well...after QB Camp in the morning!! 😜 The younger you can teach them that hard work and giving back is what it’s all about the better. It then becomes 2nd nature and helps make the whole world a better place. Raise em hard and raise em right! Time spent with your kids is always valuable and meaningful. Make it count. #hardworkpaysoff #balance #work #fun #giveback #rinse #repeat #prouddad #ajthebullet #alphabicycleproducts #ryanspiration