Kristine McNeely @kristinegoesfarming7 months ago ·  Parks, Louisiana

Welllll, this was going to be an introduction post and a #chickthrowback post all wrapped in one but it turns out I never took any pictures of this little baby when she was little 🤷🏼‍♀️ Everyone say hello to my little Lavender Orpington pullet! I have a little roo that is her mate but he’s a bit camera shy. They’re around two months old now and this little girl is really starting to warm up to me! Neither of them have names yet but I’m very excited to see how they grow out! Do any of y’all have any name suggestions? I guess this picture will have to do for this week Erin! @urbannarnia 😂🖤🖤


  • urbannarnia7 months ago

    It’s a great one! She’s such a cutie! Thanks for sharing this week! 😍

  • kristinegoesfarming7 months ago

    Ooooh, I like that one! Maybe the little roo could be Olaf🤔😍