• edie1159 months ago

    I hated it too!!!!!!

  • illawarra_cottage_and_garden9 months ago

    Happy fluffy butt Friday Jessamy. Yep Old Melbourne Goal did the same to me when I visited it years ago. Once was enough!

  • wilsons_river_cottage9 months ago

    You know I don’t think I’ve ever been there. It’s definitely on the list though. Hope it was somewhat enjoyable outing.

  • mezzarmsden9 months ago

    Gorgeous fluffy butts, never been there either don’t think it would disappoint me if never get there. 🤷‍♀️

  • valentineswain9 months ago

    That black and white hen is that an appenzeller

  • poopinchooks_n_books8 months ago

    Agree! Super creepy atmosphere - all that suffering is still in the air.

  • valentineswain8 months ago

    Ok thanks I brought 2 silver spangled appenzeller and 1 of them is a cockeral so I don't know what to do x

  • valentineswain8 months ago

    Yh I was thinking about doing that because it could be a good learning curve for me but the problem is the 2 new arrivals are with 6 other large foul and the girls don't like the little boy so I feel bad and have to separate them. The small female pullet is getting worse in behaviour and I don't want her to be aggressive x

  • valentineswain8 months ago

    Brilliant the 2 appenzeller escaped last night and I have no clue where they are if they are alive or how they got out I wasn't a fox they must of flew away do u think they will come back

  • valentineswain8 months ago

    @sunnimiller they came back last night and where in the run and they looked at me like nothing has happend. But they had a good road trip. Thank you. I have to swap one of the appenzellers bcse it's a male and they said when I brought them that they are 100% hens but they were wrong ... lifes everyday chores 😂😂😂

  • valentineswain8 months ago

    Yh it has been 4 day I think since they when for a walk but I haven't sealed him just yet due to me being on holiday x

  • valentineswain8 months ago

    @sunimiller I have 1 leghorn 1 speckeldy 1 blue bell 1 Australorp and 2 silkie X welsummer hens. I have recently brought 2 appenzeller chickens as you know. And the 6 other hen won't leave them alone and the 2 appenzellers get really stressed out and it often ends up with the 6 bullying the new two x can u help me please