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Photo by @CarltonWard | Light rain was falling steadily the evening I met the Yates family at the cow pens. The previous morning we had ridden horseback through a palm and oak hammock where Morgan Yates had stopped to pick fruit from a wild orange tree. The late morning light wasn't great and she offered to come back with her traditional Seminole dress that afternoon. But thunderstorms lingered. As hope of any sunset light faded, I wondered whether we would need to try another day. Then Morgan climbed on her horse bareback and led us toward the woods. She grew up in the saddle and carries her Seminole heritage with grace. She is a member of the Panther Clan and I was spending time with her family for my Path of the Panther project supported by National Geographic Society. We had fun trying to make pictures in dim dusk light and half drowned two cameras in the process. Morgan was unfazed by the rain, not surprising since she drove cattle through an actual hurricane when she was 6. I am thankful that the Yates have shared some of their world with me. Please join me @carltonward as we follow the #PathofthePanther. #seminole #nativepride #pantherclan #FloridaWild @fl_wildcorridor #keepflwild


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    nice friend you have. 🌞we also love horses 😍join us for great adventure on unexplored mountains 😛🇰🇬🌞

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    Wow, quite a life experience ❤️