Country Queers @countryqueers10 months ago ·  Bluffton, Georgia

i am your friend. a soul for your soul. a place for your life. home. know this. sun or water. here or away. we are a lighthouse. we leave. and we stay. —lighthouse 🌱 This poem by @nayyirah.waheed from her work, salt, truly resonated with me when I searched for a way to describe the farm. #WhiteOakPastures is host to one of the most unique communities in the region. What started off as a family farm, then an industrial cattle operation, then finally a #regenerative and #sustainable organic ranch has become a welcoming place for a wide range of people. In this special post, I’ve included other #queer farmers I am lucky enough to call friends and coworkers. Pictured with me is Sarah Jordan, one of my dearest friends and our Senior Gardener. This is @hipstergardener posting for #countryqueers #chosenfamily


  • partyingwith610 months ago

    Can we just be best friend? Farm life, fresh veggies, chickens, AND beautiful LGBT friends? Sign meUP!

  • colin_an_carmalita10 months ago

    It's so nice to hear that white oak pastures is down with the queers! I heard a great interview about their switch from industrial to regenerative, and it's even sweeter getting to read about your experience there

  • christine_su3 months ago

    I thought I couldn't love white oak pastures any more, but I was wrong! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😍😍😍