Visiting baroque churches made me think once again about the way we tell stories with images. Take churches - they were designed to act like books: in a time when most people could not read and paper was expensive, everyone who entered a building needed to know what all the images meant. That is why frescoes are always in a logic sequence - above the crucifix, there is the story of the assumption, and then the resurrection, and then angels line the upper domes to open the way to Heaven. It is the same with the images we create. I like to think that food photos can tell the story of the dish or of the food itself: instead of just peaches, you can have a whole peach and then a cut one and one with spots; a green leaf and then a crumpled and a brown one, or one blooming flower and one that is starting to dry and wilt next to it. It is the story of life told through images. I could talk about the story and symbols behind old paintings for hours.
In this photo there is the peach, which in renaissance/baroque art is a symbol of immortality, but there is also a dead butterfly (which was given to me). I wonder if this photo can make its beauty last a little longer… . . #chasingharshlight #thewayweliveinthecountry #stilllifephotography #lifeandthyme #rincorrerelabellezza #flowerstagram #igersitalia #igersitaly #chiaroscuro #naturalliving #summer4igers #esercizidibellezza #faidellordinariounapoesia


  • months ago

    We were wondering how lovely your shoot turned out and now we see full beauty. Wish that we could bite right into the fruits. Great extra touch with the water drops❤️😉

  • o_no_lulu7 months ago

    Beautiful... like a flemish painting ✨

  • lunaa807 months ago

    Sembra un dipinto ❤

  • fluoaci7 months ago

    Brava tu❤️

  • filomenacocchia7 months ago

    Bellissimo, 😍😍😍🔝si sapevo del simbolismo delle nature morte , i fiori appassiti e i frutti bacati simboleggiavano la caducità della bellezza.spesso inserisco qualcuno di questi simboli anch'io quando fotografo fiori o frutta.😍

  • the.flo.show7 months ago

    Beautiful post! Your food photos definitely tell a story :)

  • the.flo.show7 months ago

    Beautiful post! Your food photos definitely tell a story :)

  • brinn.vargas7 months ago

    It will. Your photography/art is immortal 🌟