Country Queers @countryqueers11 months ago ·  White Oak Pastures

The town where I live (Bluffton, GA) is home to White Oak Pastures. This #grassfed and #pastured ranch is Georgia’s largest #sustainable, organic farm and is the only one in the nation that humanely hand butchers ten different species of animals on site—all under USDA inspection. 🌱 My role on the on the farm is that of Organic Garden manager. My department is responsible for supplying #organic produce to our restaurant, general store, and online store. We also play a leading role in the revitalization effort of the town. I started in this capacity one year ago and am still so in awe of this place. The natural surroundings, the work, the people, and how pleasant it was to transition to rural life. I still travel to cities often for work and to visit my loved ones, but my day-to-day is spent in this #queer-friendly (I’d even say loving) and surprisingly busy community. 🌱 Also haters will say it’s fake, but I had a full-ass #beard just over a month ago. I got tired of washing the sweat out of it so y’all gonna have to wait til it gets cold again. There was a regional gay outcry that echoed through the gulf coastal plains when my beard returned to the earth, but last time I checked hair grows so #byeee This is @hipstergardener posting for #countryqueers! #godblockedit #regenerativeagriculture #firstgenerationfarmers