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Photo by @TimLaman. The Splendid Astrapia Bird-of-Paradise, found only here in the high mountains of New Guinea, such as this area around Lake Habbema in Papua, Indonesia. Photographed at 3300 meters feeding on Schefflera fruits. This bird has some amazing iridescent feathers all over its head and neck that look black from some angles, but when the bird looks toward you and catches the light, are a shimmering green color. Don’t forget to follow the @BirdsofParadiseProject IG feed to get your regular fix of bird-of-paradise pictures, videos, and fun facts! #Indonesia, #LorentzNationalPark, #Papua #birdofparadise #bird #IndonesiaBiodiversity


  • evettechapman079 months ago

    man, id love to catch this for my family! they'd like that for sure!

  • ghiasali.ghalevand9 months ago

    #عظمت خداوند قادروتوانازیبایی راخداآفریده بایدکه بادیده بصیرت نگاه کرد

  • zainlubis9 months ago

    There is so many beautiful things in this world. And one of them.. This bird. So beautiful color

  • m1keg0rd02 months ago

    @dl7 I won’t this for my just because present 😂