Country Queers @countryqueers11 months ago ·  Fillmore, California

Hooo-eee. It has been a long day. And tomorrow is another early start. We are pooped. Especially our sweet #Izzyfrizzy. She had a long day napping and judging us. Those are the two things she does best. 💚😴🐕💚 I wanted to figure out something deep and meaningful about being a #countryqueer for our last post, but I feel like compared to y’allz stories mine is not very exciting. I’ve had my struggles, and still do, but I’ve also been pretty privileged through my life. Supportive parents, stable housing & jobs (more or less), and a fantastic partner. I feel like it’s my job to be aware of my privilege, and try to figure out how to support other folx in the best ways possible. I often get bogged down in the day to day, but I’m getting there, little by little. I am definitely privileged to be part of this community of really rad folx. Thank you Rachel for curating #CountryQueers. Thank you all for sharing and reading. It is my honor to be amongst you. Let’s keep taking care of each other. 💚🌿🌻This is @kingandkingranch, signing off. 👋🏼. #nonbinaryfarmers #farmdog