Country Queers @countryqueers11 months ago ·  Fillmore, California

My least favorite things about living here is the heat. I hate hot weather, and it’s the main reason I didn’t ever think I wanted to live here for the majority of my life. But I’m getting better at working around it. Getting up early to get things done outside, after being a big time night owl for my entire life, has been a major adjustment. But one of my favorite things about living here is the diversity of things we can grow. My family has been experimenting with what they can grow here for a long time, like apricots, mangos, dragonfruit, cherimoya, and pomegranates. And since we’ve been here @kaikrupa and I have added agaves (for future mezcal making!), hops, many herbs, yuzu, gogi berries, star fruit, and pink pummelos. And we’ve only just begun 😍🌱🌳🌿💚. This is @kingandkingranch posting for #countryqueers . #diversityisawesome #queerfarmers


  • vsmileyjam11 months ago

    Can we talk yuzu? I currently buy through a company called Person Ranch but would loooooove to buy direct