Lou Murrey @loumurrey8 months ago ·  New Market, Tennessee

it’s the end of pride month which means it’s my last chance to be gay online! just kidding pride is every day that queer folx exist in the world. i didn’t go to a pride fest this year but i did go to the local hardware store this morning in my rainbow suspenders to get a drill bit —the local hardware store being a place that i have loved for its promise of having exactly what you need for what needs fixing since i was a child and my mama would take me to farmer’s hardware in downtown Boone. i think it’s my fear of losing spaces that feel so essential to my small town queer heart, like the local hardware store, that often keeps me from showing up as my whole self. i know that wearing rainbow suspenders to the hardware store ain’t throwing a pride parade in new market... but it is still something to exist as you are because queers need tools too and i am still counting on that promise they made to have exactly what i need to fix what needs fixing. #countryqueers #appalachianlovestory #pride