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So I figure it’s time you got an actual intro from us. Where to begin 🤔 @kaikrupa and I both grew up in small towns, Kai in MI, me in Northern California. I grew up visiting my grandparents at this farm. Kai and I lived in Seattle for 10 years before moving down to the ranch 2.5 years ago. My dad and uncle are both aging, and of us 4 kids that are the next generation, I (along with Kai and their encouragement) was the only one willing and able to take on moving here and learning the ropes. After many many years working in the food and beverage industry, learning about food politics, and becoming more and more interested in growing our own food, coming here felt like a way we can make a difference in the world. We’re constantly thinking about and working on ways to take better care of the land, we’re connecting with the surrounding communities and getting involved in donating food for food shares and benefit dinners, and we’re trying to be visible faces of queerness in a VERY “good ol boy” cis and heteronormative area/occupation. Ok, this feels really long. I’ll put pic descriptions in the comments, if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading. This is @kingandkingranch posting for #countryqueers. #nonbinaryfarmers #theythem #queerswhofarm


  • dandelionperfect11 months ago

    I hope you can make a go of it. Farming is hard work in every direction.

  • countryqueers11 months ago

    Pic 1- Avocados! Our main crop. We have about 9 acres of them. This one is a Lamb Hass, along with some baby avos that will be next year’s crop. 2- gold nugget mandarins. Our secondary crop. We’ve been selling a lot of these to local school districts for lunches and summer school/meal programs. 3- view of the orchard looking east. 4-looking toward the south, view from down by our water pump. 5- I get to drive a quad a lot 🤓 like when you have to go turn on the pump to try to find an underground leak in the pipes you just dug up (but turns out they’re not leaking and it’s a mystery). 6- it’s dry and hot here, but it’s pretty. 7- current pic of me (with boring non-soccer ball hair) n Kai. Kai makes me laugh. I love them 😍 8- our farmers market table yesterday. 9- my parents/grandparents/great-grandparents house, front view. 10- our sweet dog Izzy, getting a rare frontseat ride and giving me her best judgemental look cause I shouldn’t be using my phone while driving but I had to document it!

  • cosmica66611 months ago

    My folks live in Santa Paula and I love Fillmore. I never farmed there but always wanted to. Good on you! I’d love to visit next time I’m down.

  • deyate11 months ago

    I’m in Ventura Co! What farmers markets do you all sell at so I can come buy from you?

  • scam11 months ago