Country Queers @countryqueers11 months ago ·  Fillmore, California

Hi! This is Alana from @kingandkingranch. I’m hoping to do a more thorough intro a little later today, we’ve got a busy day of harvesting & deliveries! But it’s a beautiful misty morning and I just want to share a few pics from around the place. 1. My dad’s dog, Obie, is usually our paper fetcher, when he doesn’t run off after coyote scents first thing. The barn cats usually come and observe. 2. Misty avocado trees (and a grapefruit tree on the left). It’ll be hot later. I love the cool misty mornings in June. 3. This barn owl buddy was watching me this morn. We’ve had a lot of them around lately! More about them later 😍🦉 4. My parents house that my great grandfather built on the right, the grill my grandfather built in the middle, and the trailer Kai and I are living in (for now) on the left. 5. The overgrown but still beautiful in my eyes garden. Red tail hawks are nesting in the tall trees in the background! 6. More misty avocado trees, with the dry hills in the background. Ok, hope you all are having a good day so far. This is Alana from @kingandkingranch posting for #countryqueers


  • dandelionperfect11 months ago

    Thx for these pictures. I am far from home for weeks and am missing KY

  • unknown.oii11 months ago

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