Juli @koozegrove8 months ago ·  Smithville, Texas

my new trailer mate 😻taking care of non-human animals has always been therapeutic for me. i have a bucketful of issues with the pet trade, but i think cohabiting with other critters can teach us a lot about the interconnectedness of all things, keep us laughing, and provide a sense of love and companionship. my cat, who snuggled me through the deepest darkest parts of my depression, is living with my mom currently because i live in the woods where there are beautiful native birds who were here long before me and my hunter kitty (thanks mom!). i'm very excited to have a new friend to talk to :) #curlyhairedtarantula #arachnid #countryqueers #newfriends #colorfulcurtains #petlove #letsmolt👯


  • womandaughter_8 months ago

    How are you the coolest person in the entire world?

  • jviramon8 months ago

    Hope construction is going well!!!

  • cjsteck8 months ago

    😳 there's a really big spider on your arm 😳

  • mdotbendi8 months ago

    What’s it’s name?? 😍

  • fashion_in_wheelchair26 days ago

    Hey! My name is Martina, I am a fashion-interested girl sitting in a wheelchair with a cerebral palsy. But it doesn't stop me! My Instagram is called @fashion_in_wheelchair go in and follow me😉😘