Country Queers @countryqueers8 months ago ·  Knott County, Kentucky

8. When you live 3 hours from the closest #pride fest, make your own! . . The sweetest crew rallied in full costume to help celebrate WV’s 155th birthday & my 33rd. . . Thank you SO to all who have donated! If you’d still like to support #countryqueers the fundraiser runs till July 1st! Asking for as many who can to give $3 towards getting the 60 oral histories with rural & small town queers out to the world! . Happy WV Day y’all!!! #inauguralKnottCountyPride !


  • ladydrew8 months ago

    I see a folk or two I know! ♥️♥️♥️

  • northwoodswrite8 months ago

    Thanks so much for making our communities more visible.

  • countygrrl8 months ago

    This year, I'm getting up at 4 and traveling because we're bringing the GSA youth.

  • republicofmelvin8 months ago

    YES! June is waiting on that stick just like always 🌈🦋y’all look amazing 🦄❤️😭

  • babydreamssf8 months ago

    I love this so much bc it’s totally making me rethink what I think about when I hear “pride” which is totally big crowds of people in big cities. This picture is amazing as it taught me that pride can happen in the woods too! 🌈