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7. All I want for my birthday is for everyone who reads this to give $3 to Country Queers! . Today is a day of celebration in my world!  It’s West Virginia Day! (The day we seceded from Virginia in 1863 in a sneaky & illegal move which was approved by President Lincoln in an attempt to gain more soldiers for the Union Army). Somehow, I was blessed to share my birthday with the great state. Today I turn 33! . And so, I’m asking you to please donate $3 or $33 to Country Queers today (if you are able) to support this ongoing, volunteer-run, community based, multi-media oral history project.  I’m trying to raise $3,000 by July 1, 2018 to help make the oral histories gathered so far accessible to country queers everywhere.  I’ve had the true honor of interviewing 60 incredible country queers in 15 states since 2013.  Aside from $7,000 raised in 2014 that funded a month long, 7,000 mile, 30 interview-gathering trip – this project has been scraped together in free time and on spare change. . If everyone following this page gave $1 we’d have reached our goal plus! If 100 of you give $3 we’ll have reached our goal!  Please give if you can/as you can! Link in bio!!!! . . P.S. I picked this birthday bouquet for myself cause working on #selflove & also #singlelife. But, I really seriously want to know who’s gonna start the dating app for #countryqueers ?


  • homosaywat8 months ago

    Thank you for all your connective-tissue-community-building work!! Happy 33! I just contributed #anditfeelssogood

  • emilyrb28 months ago

    Happy birthday beautiful Rachel. NC misses your spirit!

  • adajuliaky8 months ago

    birthday birthday birthday!!! u know i want the CQ dating app so so bad

  • bluecollarqueer8 months ago

    I think we could make the CQ dating app a real thing. Married life is great and all yall deserve to find the right queerio for you. 💙🐏🐑💚

  • bluecollarqueer8 months ago

    Also, Bear the doggo donated for your birthday! Hope its a sweet one!

  • countygrrl8 months ago

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all you do to shine a light for country queers in rural areas of every state. 💖🌄 🌲

  • conkberry8 months ago

    Country queers changed my life! Thank you for helping me see that I’m not alone, and that queers can not only survive but thrive in rural spaces. Happy birthday. <3

  • judithavers8 months ago

    This is such a beautiful project. I have loved every post. How I wish this was around when I was growing up in Southwest Kansas. How sacred it is that it’s here now. 🙌🏼🙏🏼🌈🌈

  • bearsbeetsbuds8 months ago

    I turn 35 today. Happy Birthday!! ❤️❤️