Koziswellness @koziswellness9 months ago · 

"Gut and Psychology Syndrome" By Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD This is a classic book. Every Parent should read this book. Especially if you have a child with allergies, autoimmune disease, skin issues (eczema, psoriasis etc), digestive issues, is constantly sick, adhd, or autism. I always refer my clients to this book.


  • cjm.macrod9 months ago

    My mom bought this book for my little brother last summer when we discovered he was vaccine injured. We immediately did the gut diet and trust me when I tell you it works !!!!! BEST BOOK EVER.

  • leesalovesveggies9 months ago

    This doesn’t apply to Aspergers which is a hard wiring issue right?

  • dcmomma9 months ago

    I will look into it, thanks.

  • lolojen259 months ago

    I need this book. I am all for Reading it. I need to find a Way to shift my bad habits and stat away for good.

  • infinite_phoenix9 months ago

    Just looking at the cover brings up a devastating feeling for my 2 oldest children and fear for 2 middle children and relief that the youngest isn't vaccinated at all. I never heard of this book 📗 but I'm going to get it for sure. #wedidit #exvaxxer #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow

  • ominecamountainmama9 months ago

    Fact!!! Food healed my depression/severe anxiety and completely reversed an adhd/autism diagnosis from our paediatrician

  • gretchenaberg9 months ago

    She is brilliant! I use her info all of the time!!

  • chandler_amanda4 months ago

    Does this discuss anything about OCD by chance? I'm beginning my research on gut health and psych related disorders. Very intriguing!!!