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Hey guys, today I put up two(2) additional prints for option. The $25 special is over for the small ones. Theyve been raised by $5 so a small print will be $30 and large will remain $45 The circled prints in the last slide are still up for option! Small sizes are around 8-10” and large are around 15-17” If you purchase and your prints arrive send photos so I can post them:) thankyouu💕 also go check out my new art page @fossilnudes to see the original versions of these two prints:) PayPal & cash app available. Dm for my info :)


  • tiffanynicolegotsoul8 months ago

    I just want to personally thank you for turning Jay z into an android. Nobody wants to see the 50 something bare chest #noshade

  • aye_kea8 months ago

    I love the 2nd one

  • ch.a.ne8 months ago

    Brilliant! So well done!! Oit of curiosity, why'd you make him half robot?

  • killlyannha8 months ago

    What’s the name of them sex rooms u go to on imvu