• hd_auto_detail2 months ago

    you stay woke af. i like it😎👊🏽👌🏽

  • kdotllaz2 months ago

    As they always say they commit Suicide

  • _p_s892 months ago

    #illuminati USA is the biggest mafia why u think they get involved on difrent country's bullshit and still get away

  • cesar12132 months ago

    I knew he didn’t kill himself had to be set up

  • laurakewl2 months ago

    If not suicide it’s always an overdose.

  • prck32 months ago

    If you read interviews of him and watch his shows this guy you quickly realize this guy was going through a lot. He was an addict. He was a recovering Heroine addict and alcoholic, never gave up drinking. He suffer with depression. During his last few months, he had was working long hours for the show and isolate himself in his room after work. Crew members said they could see the exhaustion on his face.

  • westvision_tv2 months ago

    @only_1z_garage this all propaganda tbh, you really think this mothafucka had shit on people. Come on his just a tv actor. Plus only thing he could have for people to kill him is the Original coka cola recipe