bilal @hipstergardener12 months ago ·  Bluffton, Georgia

Probably the most considerate house guests on the planet. Not only were my friends Emily and Zachary a pleasure to host last week, they remembered me briefly lamenting the loss of my field book (with my gardening notes for the past year 😭). Today I discovered a brand new one in my mailbox that has even better lines for writing (something else they also remembered me complaining about haha). Thank you both and please come back anytime. #farmtofriends #fieldbook #garden #pleasecomeback #missyoualready


  • dulcetry12 months ago

    I accept this challenge

  • whitwhitmire12 months ago

    Love those! Used them all the time in forestry! V handy.

  • jaime_rebecca8212 months ago

    John gave us those, they are great to have!!!!

  • ecumbie12 months ago

    We’re so glad you love it so much! Can’t wait to come back and visit again soon 😘

  • yoganick812 months ago

    I love those journals! I started using it a year ago on my trips and they are great. Enjoy!