• thismomseverafter10 months ago

    Can’t wait! I’m literally eating Your Spicy Miso Pork recipe I JUST made for dinner! 😃🍜

  • gina492410 months ago

    I love bibimbap😍😍

  • sincerely_valerie10 months ago

    Oh that bibimbap looks so good right now! I need to hit up HMart soon.

  • khloehpham10 months ago

    Your bibimbap looks so good!! 👌🏼

  • lilacjellybean10 months ago

    What are your favorite spice blends? For certain food types like to give a meal a Mediterranean feel or to give it a Thai feel or Indian? I haven’t found the right combination of spices to give my food the taste I crave.

  • h.t.huog10 months ago

    @minh_ngoc_91299 mới tìm đc kênh YouTube của chị này :)) hay phết, gốc Việt nữa :)

  • evelyn.wu199410 months ago

    I can't seem to find this video on your YouTube channel?