Dzung Lewis @honeysuckle9 months ago ·  YouTube Space LA

I got to visit the mothership today... aka Youtube space in LA. Saw Jake Paul filming and met some new creator friends. Left feeling inspired and motivated to take the channel to the next level! What new types of content would you like to see this summer? #youtuber #buzybeez #losangeles #lalife


  • malenirome9 months ago

    Where are your pants from? 😍

  • cheryl_crews9 months ago

    Do a rice cooker series! Like a bunch of rice recipes and steamed veggies in the rice cooker

  • sisi06059 months ago

    You guys are awesome!!! 👏🏻

  • hameneggenchz9 months ago

    Disappointed that this wasn’t the YouTube Spa 😂

  • a_mendez879 months ago

    Pasta salads or anything fresh for the summer😋😋😋

  • eli_gaby79 months ago

    Would love to see some Viet. Or this. Keto food!!

  • makingmysweethome9 months ago

    baby ideas! baby mildstones, save and prep, money saving ideas

  • happilyevernancy9 months ago

    How exciting!! Your content is always so inspiring and fun to watch!

  • love_leni719 months ago new to your channel and im obsessed! Love your content! Keep them coming! 😍

  • jjkittycat9 months ago

    A chocolate soufflé!!! :)

  • doryatheart9 months ago

    You made me a fan at bento meals and your beautiful kitchen and family are so fun to watch. More bento' s would be nice, maybe a new spin on them American mixup

  • amesy9 months ago

    Tea party!

  • asma.numan9 months ago

    Air frier recipes, party recipes, easy platters, would love some Mediterranean recipes 😍

  • veev12219 months ago

    Is your jeans from madewell too? Love your outfit!!