Kristen Stewart ditched her heels at the end of the red carpet last night. Last year, the actress told us - “if you’re not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, you can’t ask me either.” #Cannes2018


  • mudzudzurufaro4 days ago

    @theusamy first of all I never said flat men's shoes were as uncomfortable like where did I say that? My point is everyone has to adhere to a dress code man or woman. This whole thing was spun out of control to make it a big deal to make it a story. She took off the heels because they hurt like hell it's why she decided to go barefoot so IT IS about comfort. You say everyone should wear what they want as long as it is formal well that's NOT wearing what you want there's still a restriction there. All I'm saying is she didn't have to wear the uncomfortable heels she could have picked a more comfortable brand to adhere to the dress code simple. Don't know what you are arguing about

  • theusamy4 days ago

    @mudzudzurufaro Being told that you have to wear formal wear is not the same as dictating that you HAVE TO wear a ball gown and high heels, like the festival requires for women. Now you're just being obtuse. Yeah, she could've chosen a lower heel, but she didn't. She and her stylist CHOSE a higher heel. When she was done taking pictures, she took the shoes off. The whole point of what she said a year ago and what she chose to do after she was done taking pictures is that women should have a choice of formal wear. They shouldn't be dictated to by archaic rules that force women to wear a certain type of formal wear. Like I said, it's not about comfort. It's about choice. When she was done wearing the shoes she chose to wear, she took them off and that should be perfectly fine without fear of being denied entry into the event she was attending.

  • mudzudzurufaro4 days ago

    @theusamy Good God you love to argue don't you? You need to grow up Cannes is an incredibly posh event which requires people to wear heels and ball gowns. Its a theme dear, many events have them. If she has a problem she should go to events that suit her. Ball gowns and heels aren't evil many women love to wear that stuff and now it's an issue because one chick says she doesn't like it?? Thats just not her thing and thats ok but trying to start something because of personal tastes thats just childish. Then formal or any dress code just shouldn't exist remove it then. I think that's best because someone will always complain

  • mamno333 days ago

    شفيها مال مخدرات

  • faaidah3 days ago

    Why does she look like a destitute all the time like stoned and shi

  • seemadhiman1443 days ago

    It could b better to wear sports shoes.. Instead of heels.. She was running and out of mood ... 🙋

  • mudderjen2 days ago

    @jamesoncherilus Please tell me what you know about walking around in high heels all night? And WTF does that fist mean at the end of your statement? My point was that there are much more important things in this world to worry about than if you have shoes on!

  • taetaeny12 days ago

    Kristen is so beautiful. !