Kristen Stewart ditched her heels at the end of the red carpet last night. Last year, the actress told us - “if you’re not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, you can’t ask me either.” #Cannes2018


  • mamno335 months ago

    شفيها مال مخدرات

  • faaidah5 months ago

    Why does she look like a destitute all the time like stoned and shi

  • seemadhiman1445 months ago

    It could b better to wear sports shoes.. Instead of heels.. She was running and out of mood ... 🙋

  • mudderjen5 months ago

    @jamesoncherilus Please tell me what you know about walking around in high heels all night? And WTF does that fist mean at the end of your statement? My point was that there are much more important things in this world to worry about than if you have shoes on!

  • taetaeny15 months ago

    Kristen is so beautiful. !

  • theusamy5 months ago

    @vickyperez026 She made a mistake, which makes her a human being and she's never hated on a movie she's been in. As far as being a role model, she never asked or expected to be. However, I see value in a person that can persevere in the face of ridicule, apologize when she's wrong, and passionately pursue her dreams.

  • theusamy5 months ago

    @docrob03 As a teacher, do you tell your students to make sure you fully understand a situation before you comment? Cannes film festival expects and requires women to wear heels and a ballgown on the red carpet. She feels the rule is unfair to women and there should be a choice of formal wear. However, she chose to wear heels that day, but took them off after she got to the end of the carpet to climb the stairs. She made an adult decision and adults are calling her "trash" for taking off a pair of high heels.

  • docrob035 months ago

    You also seem to be commenting without fully understanding. I tell my students they are adults and can make adult decisions when they are stomping around like a child acting like I forced them to do something they didn’t want to do. They do not need to ask my permission to miss class or an assignment. They just need to be able to deal with the consequences. As an adult she doesn’t need their permission to miss the event or even their permission to wear flat shoes. She just needs to be able to deal with the consequences. Your information about the situation does not negate these facts. I can’t help but notice this isn’t a ball gown so she seems to have bucked the system there but did not with the shoes. P.S. I did not call her “trash”.