Monami Frost @monamifrost8 months ago · 

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there! 💗 it takes a lot of strength and love. It hasn’t and never is easy but it’s worth every second! 💗 being a mom is everything to me. 💗 having Gabby turned my life upside down. But all in the most wonderful way. 👼 blessed!


  • dionechui8 months ago


  • lee_soon_shin_17 months ago

    Your daughter’s hair is beautiful and of course both of you are thank you for being a great example

  • farrisss6 months ago

    she’s such a beauty!!!

  • tiffany_cussons3 months ago

    She wraps her ear around her ear!! That’s so cool

  • mylifeassofix2 months ago

    she is sooo beautiful ❤️😍💕🧡☺️